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SWLL is your personal assistant
for foresight and innovation management

aimed at executives, entrepreneurs, and investors

Research & Insights

Research regarding all kinds of trends and resulting business opportunities presented in a concise, data-rich, visually-attractive and useful report or if preferred a weekly newsletter format.

Innovation Ideas

Uncovering innovation ideas or evaluating existing ones - i.e. business model, product and service innovations - backed by in-depth qualitative and quantitative research.
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A Brief Look at SWLL's Methodology

Three approaches to explore the future and to discover new business opportunities

Analyze world-changing TRENDS
Discover Opportunities
Unlearn  and build from THE ground up
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Looking at present issues through the lens of history reveals long-lasting myths and accelerating developments. This helps us connect and understand the causes behind today's trends as well as their probability to further define our world.


By exploring the trickle-down effects of major trends we come across new business opportunities that are undoubtedly arising and problems that manifest themselves as absolutely critical to solving.


In order to innovate and to create the future, deconstructing the systems and myths around yourself and your organization as well as the mindsets and worldviews within you is critical. Using a first principle approach instead of reasoning through analogies gives a new perspective on things and reveals innovation opportunities.

The World is Changing

A curation of the most interesting and useful information on world-changing trends